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Paint Shop Pro 7 for Beginners
font trick! 
25th-May-2009 05:26 pm
This was originally posted by kevinr way back in 2003, and since it's a trick I still use, I thought I'd post the information again.

If there are decorative fonts, or other fonts, that you only use from time to time, they don't need to be 'installed' in order to use them in PSP7.

I keep my downloaded fonts in their own folder (C:/fonts, imagine that! *g*).

1. Unzip the new font file into that folder.

2. When you want use your new font, simply open your font folder, then double-click on the font file to open it. You should see a nifty preview of the font.

3. Minimize your font folder, but don't close the preview.

4. That font will now show up in PSP7's list of fonts that are available to use.